It’s not all bananas and dancing with toothbrushes...


Last summer my boyfriend was injured and could not work for two months.  He was pretty much bedridden at first with a fracture and a sprain, but could drive and and do a lot on his own towards the end of this unexpected vacation time.

He would get antsy being at home alone all day and often complained of being bored.

This irked me, and I would always talk about all the wonderful things I would do if I had some time off — reading, learning something new, making some crafts, organizing, cooking, going to the art museum, etc.

So now I’ve become suddenly unemployed and need to live up to what I had said before.  I have started this blog to hold myself accountable for how I am spending my time.

I understand that unemployment can  be very devastating.  Especially if you’re trying to raise kids or pay a mortgage or trying to overcome any number of hardships.   I am not trying to portray unemployment as some sort of magical picnic on the moon, because some folks are beyond screwed once they lose a job.

However, I am very fortunate in that my situation isn’t nearly as severe.  I’m still fairly young and healthy.  I have a couple of bucks in savings.  I can put my student loans on hold.  I have a family who can back me up if necessary.    It hasn’t reached that point yet, but it’s a comfort to know that support is available.

With that said, I am trying to make this experience as positive as possible.    Maybe work on some new skills.  Create something memorable.  Explore the world around me.  Make a blog chronicling my adventures…  Oh yeah, and find a new job.


Update: June 2010


Well, I’ve re-entered the workforce, having been in my current position for a few months now.

I’ve decided to keep this blog alive so that I can continue to keep track of how I’m using my free time, as well as monitor my progress while I work towards developing an actual career.

As always, I appreciate any feedback (particularly if it includes a job lead *hint hint*…)


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