I heard the dude blamed the chick, I heard the chick blamed the snake..

So I’m still only about 50 pages into the Bible and already I made a mistake.

In my previous post I allude to Cain and Abel in my Bible-read-a-long checklist, citing Abraham and Sarah as the parents.  Really, the honor goes to Adam and Eve.

This goes to show how terrible I can be with names, and lists of names pretty much make up this whole first book of the Bible.

Through reading this, though, I wonder how some biblical names carry on through the generations (ex. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, etc. etc.), while others fall by the wayside. I mean, sure, those are some pretty important biblical figures, but why not go for some less obvious choices for naming your child:








All very attractive choices.

Anyway, I really need to devote more daytime-time to reading instead of right-before-bed when I have to be careful not to fall asleep and drool on the Holy Book.

Thank goodness the Good Word transcends some beat-up and stained paper…

In other news: I did finish up the last 60 or so pages of the other book I was reading, The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar. I picked it up at random at Barnes & Noble, and really enjoyed it. On one hand, it discusses class differences in India. The illiterate servant, Bhima, lives in the slums with little access to proper medical facilities or education, while the mistress, Serah, lives in a nice home and has power and influence over others. Through hearing their stories, however, we see how universal our dreams and feelings and insecurities really are.

The author was actually supposed to be one of my professors at Case, but she had to cancel the class for some reason. Probably because she was working on/promoting a national best-selling novel, which is a pretty awesome reason to cancel a class.

There are a few more books on my short list to read, but I’m reluctant to start those quite yet. Besides trying to play catch-up with the Bible, I’ve been working on some new jewelry designs to post on my Etsy page.

Here’s a hint as to what to expect next:



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