It’s the freedom I’ll miss…

I can’t believe summer’s nearly over.

It surely has been ridiculously hot enough outside, but I still feel as though I haven’t done all of the normal summer stuff.

* * * * * * *

Here’s what I have done:

1. gone swimming

2. got sun burnt

3. went to Cedar Point

4. went to the lake

5.  ate ice cream

6. ate bbq ribs

7. ate funnel cake

8. ate grilled cookout food (Let’s just put this all under a general “food” label…)

9. went to garage sales

10. attended an outdoor art/music festival (Warehouse District street festival –tried to go the the Feast in Little Italy, too, but we showed up about 3 hours too early when booths were still setting up…)

* * * * * * *

Things I have not done:

1. couldn’t make it to the family reunion

2. gone to the county fair/seen farm animals

3. attended a wedding/graduation party/work party, etc.

4. caught lightning bugs (though one could argue that someone my age should not be still catching bugs..)

5. gone to a farmer’s market (well, I have gone to the West Side Market, but I’m thinking an outdoorsey-type market)

6. had a drink (Not necessarily a pre-requisite for summer festivities, but I’m really surprised that I’ve really had no occasion to take in a beer or margarita served up by a cabana boy by the pool…)

7. been outside late at night (Besides leaving work…  We don’t have a deck/porch area conducive to just ‘hanging out’ outside.  Thinking about it now, though, I am very surprised that I haven’t been outside much at night. Maybe we should take in a drive-in movie..)

*  * * * * * *

So besides not doing the things on the second list, I’ve been spending a lot of time craftin’ it up.  If you happen to follow my Facebook, you may have seen some pictures that I posted of my glasses necklaces, as well as some new button designs that I have listed on Etsy.

I’ve been trying to develop my crafts more and since my last posting, I’ve made contact with a few other venues.  Still nothing set in stone, but it looks promising.

Otherwise, I’m still looking for that perfect awesome job.  Had an interview today which went pretty well, but let’s try not to jinx it…

OH! And here’s a really exciting blog that I was introduced to today.. Basically, the writer modifies a new thrift store dress each day to make an entirely new outfit. And she’s doing it on a budget of $1 per day! Check it out:


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