Welcome to the Working Week…

Today was the first day of my regular schedule, 9AM-6PM, Wednesday through Sunday.

So even though it really does feel like a Friday, I still have to go to work for 2 more days before I get a break.

On the plus side, I’ll finally be getting back into a routine after going through a few shift changes in the past couple of weeks (8:30-5:30 and 10-7).

The downside is that last weekend really was the last weekend that I’ll be having for a while (unless circumstances change).

* * * * *

Last Friday Ryan and I made our way to “downtown” Bedford to check out the rib fest sponsored by the local Kiwanis club or something.  They had some children’s games like a moonbounce, some live bands (including a small troupe of bagpipers), crappy booths advertising Bathfitters, and quite a few food booths.

We ended up getting rib samplers from 4 different vendors and had our own taste tests.  Then we topped it off with some funnel cake and watched the bands for a little while.

Then on Saturday, Jackie and I had our arts/crafts booth across the street from the West Side Market.

She was selling some framed paintings and photographs that ended up getting a lot of attention from passers-by.  Some seemed pretty interested in her work, while others… well, others (particularly creepy old guys) just wanted to…uh… enjoy Jackie’s company.

One guy even came back later in the morning and brought over four necklaces that he purchased from another vendor.  He said we would have to choose which ones we wanted amongst ourselves and then left again… Jackie said if he really wanted to support the arts he should have just bought something from us.

Anyway, I ended up running into a lot of folks that I know and had a really good time manning the booth until it started raining around 2 pm.

Both of us just tossed some stuff under the table hoping for the rain to pass, but we had no such luck.

By the time I went around the block to grab my car it had started pouring like crazy.  Both of us ended up getting totally soaked, and we each lost a little bit of merchandise to water damage.

Still, ended up having a pretty good day.  Not much happened in the sales department, but we did get to spend some time with old friends.

I wrapped up my weekend on Sunday by wiping down all of inventory that had gotten wet during the Craft Show Tsunami of 2010 and by doing chores like tons of dishes and laundry.

As for the rest of this week, it went by pretty fast.  Though it can be stressful, answering phones all day does make the time go faster.

Anyway, tonight I’m just planning on getting some reading done and otherwise relaxing.


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