Day 179: Sunday, April 11

So today is my last day of unemployment.

Though yesterday Ryan and I had a wonderful time visiting with his relatives for his g-ma’s birthday, today was pretty uneventful.

I thought I was getting better, but it ends up that I’m still sick.  So is Ryan.

So today’s themes were basically “sleep” and “watching cartoons.”


I feel as though I should reflect upon my experience as an unemployed citizen.

I thought it was going to be easier to keep myself interested in trying new things. But with time, it got easier to loaf and just hang out around the house.

It doesn’t take much to entertain me, so staying at home wasn’t always a big deal.  But sometimes I did like to just stay in my pajamas all day.

Sure, part of it was because of my financial situation.  I couldn’t exactly go skiing and hang gliding and do winery tours all the time.  But part of it was that I got a little anti-social.

For the most part, I think I avoided major problems like the depression that can come with unemployment.  And I did a pretty good job at managing my finances (paid all my bills early, even those pesky student loans).  Considering these factors, my situation could have been a lot worse.

Overall, I’m proud of some of my accomplishments such as building my website, finishing a few books, and trying some new recipes.  I also explored some new neighborhoods while seeking out garage sales and antique stores.  Could have done more with crafting, but that inspiration comes and goes.

Anyway, I’m mostly glad that this period is over.  Sometimes I end up getting more done when I have more to do.


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