Day 177: Friday, April 9

Well, so much for leaving my phase of  unemployment in a firey blaze of awesomeness…

I suppose I still have a few more days until the job starts, but the chances of having Fantastic Adventure Time are looking bleak.


Let’s rewind to last weekend.

I spent Thursday-Sunday at my folks’ house for the Easter holiday.  Ryan had to work, so I went alone.

I didn’t have any big plans which was nice.  (Sometimes I go home with a list of things to accomplish like buying a new insurance policy, fixing my car, or visiting a ton of people.)

But this weekend I got to do a lot regular, low-pressure things with my family.  Like vacuum-pack meat to store in the freezer while watching “What Not to Wear”.  Or make crafts with my sister at the kitchen table. Still visited my grandmas and some aunts, but didn’t have to run all over the place.

I returned to Cleveland early Sunday afternoon so that Ryan and I could go visit his family.

That was a nice visit, too.  Ate lots of yummy food and played cornhole with Ryan’s cousins and brother.

The sad part is that we were both actually sore the next day from throwing around stupid beanbags around…

(Note to self: get more fit)


Anyway, that brings us to this week.

Monday wasn’t so bad, but I started getting a sore throat and sinus headache on Tuesday.  I thought I was in the clear last night, but my sore throat turned into a tickley, cough-inducing throat and some tightness in my chest.  At least I’m over the headache.

Though I have made it to the grocery store and done some work around the house, I kind of scrapped my plans of taking some random road trip or trying to squeeze in another novel activity before I start work next week.

I mean, I know that life won’t end on Monday, but I was hoping to do some weekday-only activity while I still have the time.  But whatever.

Today I just feel like curling up in a blanket and sleeping.  It doesn’t help that the weather got all cold again.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll conjure up one last hurrah to enjoy this weekend, if I’m feeling up to it.


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