Day 168: Wednesday, March 31

Well, you may have noticed a little change ’round these parts…

That’s right, I’m now FIRED HIRED!


So after:

-5 months, 2 weeks

-10 job search web sites

-67 resumes for both full- and part-time positions

-submitted in 3 states

-2 (really disappointing) job fairs

-1 written exam

-1 phone interview


-2 in-person interviews



Just in the nick of time, too.

I’ll tell you a little bit about it, but don’t want to get too specific.

Basically it is a customer service/phone job.  It’s for a big company, which is nice because they are offering a lot of really great benefits like medical, dental, vision, 401k, vacation, sick days, free use of their product/service, tuition reimbursement, free 24/7 access to their in house workout center, commission and bonuses, among other things.  I won’t be bringing in millions, but it’s above minimum wage to start.

No, this isn’t the place where I had the creepy interview with “Beer Money” and the “Halfway Twins.”  This place is actually comfortable and non-shady inside.

I just accepted the offer on Monday, and had to go in for a drug test yesterday.  Once that and my background check clear, I’ll officially be in.

Training starts on April 12.  So obviously my next step is to figure out how I’ll be spending my final days of freedom.

I will be heading to my folks’ house for a few days for Easter, but other than that, my schedule’s wide open.

Maybe I’ll do another LAKE DAY considering that the weather is quickly improving.  Or a quick road trip to a nearby place like Columbus or Niagra Falls.

Any suggestions?


4 Responses to Day 168: Wednesday, March 31

  1. Alicia says:

    Niagra falls with meeeeee

  2. Kristie Cavada says:

    Congrats Autumn!! good luck and hope you like your new job. I think your web site is great!
    Take care, Kristie

  3. mom says:

    a few extra days with mom would be great!!!!!!! ha ha ha!

  4. Gramma says:

    Congratulatins my special granddaughter, I knew you would come uo with something, hope to see you early sat after I get my hair done luv you, luv Ryan

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