Day 156: Friday, March 19

Okay, so that interview was depressing.

The building is in this shady part of town.  It’s not in too bad of shape, but the inside was very cramped.

It is common knowledge that call centers have rows and rows of tiny cubicles because the employees really only need a phone and computer, so I was kind of expecting that.

But this one was beyond ridiculous.

They were interviewing about 10 of us during this block of time, but first we had to fill out applications in the break room (working around folks trying to eat their lunches) and the hallway (where there was a lack of chairs and hard surfaces on which to write).

And the people I encountered were just as… interesting.

While in the tiny break room I learned that one of the guys actually had to weigh out the decision between coming in for the interview and staying home to watch the NCAA basketball game.  Another guy (who sounded like he was stoned) just up and quit his last job and was looking for a new source of beer money.  We had to fill out approval forms for background checks and two girls were joking that they shared the same “previous address” since they stayed at the same halfway house.  They at least wanted to hang onto this job for 4 months so that they could go back to qualifying for unemployment.

While I was filling out my form, Beer Money was called in for his interview and actually came back with a “new hire” form to fill out.

When I went in for my interview I learned that one of this company’s strategies for conjuring up business is that they have a 1-800 number that is similar to their competitors… so most of their calls are “wrong numbers” and they try to sell these unsuspecting people their product.  Ugh, that sounds so shady to me.  He didn’t say anything like “oh, we believe that our product is the best because ___________ and we want to share it with others.”

All in all, the whole experience just left a bad taste in my mouth.

I know that I wouldn’t be happy working there, but I was a little upset that Beer Money got hired on the spot, while all I got was a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” from the interviewer.

Maybe the interviewer saw me cringe when I heard about their marketing strategy…

Either way, it’s back to the drawing board.


2 Responses to Day 156: Friday, March 19

  1. Gramma says:

    I am surprised you stayed as long as you did for the interview, I would of walked out, sounds like a shady place

  2. Richard Stroffolino says:

    Wow, that reminds me of an “interview” I had. I responded to a classified ad for a “marketing position”, which was set up in this corporate rent-an-office complex. I should have had my radar up as it looked like they just moved in. I had an interview with the manager, who gave me a really vague explanation of how they presented “marketing ideas” to clients. He told me to show up for an walk-through tomorrow at 8:30 am. I had talked to him for less than two minutes. The next day I was going with a group to “meet with clients”. I did not realize these people were door to door salesmen. I spent about 10 hours walking around with a borderline sociopath, was told to lie to cops if asked if we had permits to do this, and how to be “personable”, by which he meant to repeat the same insincere opening joke line to every person, all while wearing dress shoes and a suit because I thought I was going to an actual meeting. I couldn’t leave because we drove about 15 miles away and I had no money (being unemployed at the time). It was the most depressing job experience of my life. I feel your pain.

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