Day 136: Saturday, February 27

Last night I made an ambitious list of errands to run today — bank, post office, UPS store, garage sale, art gallery, bead show, grocery store and Target.

My initial plan was to leave the house by 9am, but I woke up with a throbbing headache and ended up falling asleep on the couch for a few extra hours after seeing Ryan off to work.

Though I got off to a late start, I’m pretty pleased to say that I accomplished just about everything I wanted to do today.

Here are the highlights:

Had to go to the bank, PO, and UPS store, so I tackled those first.

– Almost skipped the garage sale because it wasn’t life-threatening, however, their post on Craiglist looked interesting.  They were selling some musical instruments which were nice, but I ended up only buying a brooch.  Decided to go there since it was only a few minutes away from the UPS store.

– Got coffee on the road.  I didn’t want to waste time brewing it at home because I kind of panicked when I first woke up and it was…uh… a little later than 9AM.  The headache was still lingering even though I took some Tylenol earlier in the day, so I thought the coffee might help.

– Went to the Jefferson Studio in Tremont to drop off my submission for the Biggest Little Canvas Show.  Today was the last day to enter (I thought) and the gallery was only open until 4, so I had tackle this one, too.

Here’s what I made (you can click on them to see a larger image):


Basically, the gist of the show is to see what you can do on a miniature canvas (mine measure 2″x2″).  On the next Tremont Art Walk (March 12), visitors will vote for their favorite artist, who will receive the entry fees as their prize.  There’s still time to enter, if anyone’s interested.  Just drop off your work tomorrow!

I was expecting this errand to only take a minute, but I ended up sticking around for nearly an hour talking with the gallery owner, as well as the owner of gallery next door.  Both were super-nice and told me about their work and studios.  The second studio even had a gorgeous and friendly calico cat that greeted me at the door.

I suspect that I’ll be hanging out around there more often as I try to get back into the fine art world…

-At this point I wasn’t sure if I could make it to the Intergalactic Bead Show on time.  The venue was about 20 minutes away and it was nearly 4PM (show ends at 5) , but I gave it a shot anyway since I was on a roll.  I did make it, and as a bonus prize, the $5 admission fee was waived since I came in so close to the end!

The show was kind of small, so I’m glad that I didn’t put it off until tomorrow.  I was able to do a quick run around all of the booths, and then take the last 15-20 minutes to buy a couple things like this neato hinged frame glass pendant thing that you can fill with your own designs.

-Lastly, I went to Giant Eagle to pick up a perscription.

The only place I didn’t make it to was Target.  I could have made it because they are open late, however, all I wanted to get was some page protectors for my recipe binder.  It was getting pretty snowy/foggy at this point, so I didn’t want to push it.

I mean, I didn’t want things to turn out too perfectly today.

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One Response to Day 136: Saturday, February 27

  1. mom says:

    very nice job on the canvases! they are very unique and Autumnlike!

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