Day 130: Sunday, February 21

Last Monday I finally bought my domain and year’s worth of web hosting.  So I spent the better part of this week working on my site.

I was hoping to do a preliminary “reveal” this week, however, I still can’t figure out how to accomplish all of the things I want to include.  Once I establish a template, though, adding content shouldn’t be a huge deal.

The basic problem that I’m running into is that I planned out my design in Photoshop and am having trouble trying to translate that into a functional site through Dreamweaver.   For example, I want to have a drop shadow and beveled edge around my main content box and want to use a special font in my (playfully askew) navigation buttons.  So I need to import these elements as images instead of taking advantage of the navigation menu formats readily created in the program, and am having trouble aligning all of the pieces.

Dreamweaver is awesome because you just put the parts together visually and it does all of the code-writing for you.  The “downfall” is that you still have to obey the rules of HTML and can’t just put anything anywhere, like you can in Photoshop.

I could circumvent many of the issues by simplifying my design to better-suit my skill level, but I’m not willing to do that yet.  Just need some more time to experiment with different approaches.  I’ve already made 5-7 distinct attempts that I saved separately in case I come up with a brilliant way to fix what I’ve started.

I am a little burnt out from thinking about it.  I’ve actually had dreams about how to take the next steps…


So yesterday and today I’ve taken a break from it to organize my crafting supplies.

I have this giant box of random beads and broken jewelry that I acquired from a crazy Gabriel Brothers sidewalk sale that I had yet to sort.  Some parts I’ve salvaged for myself, and organized them in color-coded sectioned plastic cases.  The rest, I’ve packed in tiny zippy bags by type and am planning to post on eBay.  I’ve had some mild success getting rid of excess supplies this way.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to doing that so I can pick all of my junk off of the floor.  Then it’s cartoon night on Fox — hooray!


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