Day 123: Sunday, February 14

I had a really nice weekend!  Spent a lot of time outside of the house, which was a welcome change…


Friday night, Ryan and I met some friends in Tremont for happy hour snacks and drinks.  I didn’t know this beforehand, but it was also the night of the neighborhood’s monthly art walk,  so after dinner we walked around (for as much time as we could tolerate in the bitter cold) and checked out some galleries.

It made me really happy to see fine art in person again.  I still haven’t made it up to the art museum, so this gave me a great boost.

It made me a little sad, though, because I felt somewhat out-of-the-art-loop.  Sure I’ve been crafting and doing some digital design work, but I’m overdue for playing around with paints and fabrics and other fun materials.

There is an art show coming up where all entries are to be on tiny canvases.  I bought some years ago because I thought they were cute, but never used them.  Think it’s about time to…


Saturday was amazing because I actually coordinated a friendly gathering where the invited parties could all attend, and ended up having a really great time.

Of course, there were only three of us so you’d think it wouldn’t be that difficult to plan an event, but for me it’s a feat.  For some reason it seems that any time I initiate a “hang out” it just doesn’t work out.

Anyway, the three of us (me + two Art Ed college buddies) went to the Valentine’s edition of the Bazaar Bizarre downtown.  It was kind of small, but the venue was nice.  Just a bit tough to find parking.

Afterward, we went to the Chocolate Bar, which ended up being (nearly) right across the street from the craft show.  Earlier in the week it was featured on the Fox8 morning show, and since then I’ve been anxious to check it out.

They have wonderful, thick hot chocolate that tastes like a melted candy bar and a ton of desserty foods and drinks like white chocolate spaghetti, crepes, and flavored martinis (such as creme brulee).  I ended up ordering a layered Belgian chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, and whipped cream.  Very delicious!


Today = Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s what I got Ryan:

A few weeks ago we were talking about candy in the check out line at the grocery store.   Ryan said that when he was little, his grandma always had HUGE gummy bears at her house and that they were his favorite treat.  So I later Googled “huge gummy bears” and came up with these, which were sold wholesale in a store display box.

I may have been able to find them sold singly, but where’s the fun in that?

Ryan was incredibly surprised, though, because these ones are apparently many times larger than the ones he had growing up.  Which is great, but I was initially hoping to recreate the gummy bear experience of yesteryear…

This evening we went to a hibachi restaurant for dinner.  It’s the same place that we went to last year, and had so much fun that we wanted to do it again.  I think we even had the same waitress and chef as before.

Either way, the food was amazing (we had shark steak!), the chef was very funny, and we came home very full. Looking forward to going next year (or sooner)!


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  1. mom says:

    Ryan is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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