Day 120: Thursday, February 11

Today I mailed some beaded “quilt” squares to Alaska to donate to a breast cancer awareness project.

Now, I’m not huge into the buy-everything-pink-3-day-walk breast cancer campaign (there are other cancers, you know), but I found out about this project on a jewelry site and it sounded interesting.  Basically, people from around the world submit as many of these 2 inch squares as they want, and the donations are sewn together to form “quilts,” which are auctioned off at bead shows to gain money for the cause.

Each year there’s a theme… As you may have guessed, this year’s is the turtle (for it’s persistence).  Other years have been flowers or hearts, which are a little easier to work with.  Still, I’m pretty pleased that I was able to come up with three different designs considering my limited knowledge of turtles (and that you only have a 1.5″x1.5″ space within which to work).

I think that the finished quilt designs will be posted on that site in the late spring/early summer.  I’ll post links once they’re available.


One Response to Day 120: Thursday, February 11

  1. Gramma says:

    Hi Autumn

    Love those quilt pieces, I see you had a great weekend, mine was just ok, we went to church on Sat. then to Bob Evans, only because the weather was not all that great and we did not want to travel too far, I did not think anyone could screw up a sausage sand. but they proved me wrong, Sunday Valentines Day same concern, the weather, Lou bought me a dozen of beautiful roses,dinner here was French Toast and Poached eggs, I bet you are sorry you missed that.

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