Day 117: Monday, February 8

I’ve spent a lot of time online these past few days.

I know that I’ve talked about this before, but I want to get my internet empire up-and-running soon. You know, buy my own domain.  Post portfolio images online. Make a “one stop shop” for all things Autumn.

So I’ve been looking for a little inspiration.  Through this, I’ve found lots of neat Photoshop tutorials, free font sites, and design blogs.

I’m still (slowly) plowing my way through my epic 900-some page Dreamweaver book and want to do all of the work myself.  I also need to re-acquaint myself with Flash because I have this cool intro idea for my site.  I got a book for that, too…

Anyway, here are some of my new favorite sites:

Web Design Fan


Clients From Hell

…and for those who could care less about the digital arts (be prepared to say “AWWWW!”):

Cute Overload


Also spent a lot of time on the job hunt.  I didn’t make the cut for the job mentioned in my last post, but I have heard back from someone else.  So we’ll see.


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