Day 101: Saturday, January 23

Today I had a button-making marathon.

I bought some awesome designs from this Etsy seller, Piddix, who creates collage sheets of royalty-free images.  She sells them at a reasonable price, and you can use them in any craft project.

So here’s what I made with them:

I adjusted the colors of the original red-and-blue dinosaur sheet to create the neon set at the bottom.  I plan on creating some other series as well.  And magnets!

I was able to make a couple hundred of these small 1″ buttons before running out of supplies.

So then I moved on to making 2.25″ buttons.

I bought that machine for only $5 at a garage sale, and Ryan got me the parts to make 275 buttons as part of my Christmas present.  It’s a more primitive setup than my 1″ button maker, but for the past few months its been working A-OK… until tonight.

After about 15 buttons, the stupid plastic clamp cracked when I tried to press down on a button, thus ending Button Day.

I did email the company to see if they would honor the lifetime warranty even though I’m not the original owner.  Hopefully they’ll get back to me on Monday.

Still, a pretty productive day!


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