Day 92: Thursday, January 14

Dear Mom and Dad:


Well, it’s been an interesting week or so.

I was out of town for a few days to attend my grandfather’s funeral, which was last Saturday.  One positive thing that has come out of that experience is that I’m finally figuring out who certain family friends/distant relatives are.

One negative thing that has come out of the experience is a terrible “stomach flu”-type illness that has affected about 10 or so family members thus far.

For me it started on Saturday night.  I took a nap in the evening and woke up with a “full” feeling in my stomach.  Then came the expulsion of particular bodily fluids, fever, and body aches.  I spent the rest of the night and pretty much all day Sunday curled up in a ball in the corner of the couch at my parent’s house, moaning in pain.

At this point Dad started feeling pain/tightness in his abdomen and spent Sunday curled up on the opposite end of the couch.

Mom checked in with my Grandma to make sure she was okay, which is how we found out that other family members were dealing with the same issues.

At least the most unpleasant part of the illness was brief.  I still felt a bit tired for a few days after, but I’m feeling much better now.


Since I’ve been back in Cleveland, I’ve spent a lot of time on my computer.

I had a couple of eBay auctions posted to try and clear out some extra stuff uncovered while cleaning the house.  A few things did sell, so I packaged and shipped those out on Tuesday.

I’m also trying finish up a final auction where the customer never paid, which has kind of been a pain.  At least I’m learning a lot about eBay, though…

Yesterday, Ryan’s boss came over to talk about a design project.  He wanted to update a mailer to add coupons, so I was able to help him out with that.  It’s actually pretty exciting to do a real piece for a real client!  It would be cool to pick up more projects like that.


I’ve also upped the job searching.

I’m about halfway through my unemployment, and I’m starting to get a little worried.  I mean, I can go out and get a job at McDonald’s or Starbucks right now, but I’m hoping that I can find a “real” job before I run out of benefits.

I’ve read that in addition to looking online, you should walk into companies that you’re interested in and hand your resume to their HR department in person.  I’m not so sure about that.

Well, maybe that’s why I’m unemployed, but a lot of job postings specifically request no follow-up calls or emails simply because the employer has enough information to sort through.  So why would they want to have to make small talk to you in person when they’re probably busy?

I don’t know, but give me a few more weeks and I’ll probably end up doing that myself…


2 Responses to Day 92: Thursday, January 14

  1. mom says:

    Thank You, Autumn! I know you know when our aniversary is!!

  2. Ben W says:

    Autumn! You can’t get a job, then whose irreverent inner monologue would I read? If you want a job as an auditor, I can give you the straight dope on how to score and ace an interview. I offered the deal to Rich but he never put foot to ass, and I’m still interested to see if we can con our way into a job. I’m betting we can! It’s suckie work, but it pays the bills.



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