Day 82: Monday, January 4

All right.

So the glow of the holiday season has pretty much faded and it’s been way too long since I’ve last posted an entry.  I had to pull up my little calendar on my toolbar and figure out what day it is  in my reverse-unemployment-countdown.

Or count-up, if that’s a thing.


I left off the day before the Last Minute Market in Lakewood.  It wasn’t quite as busy as the Handmade Arcade, but there was still a steady crowd and I ran into a lot of old pals.  Both Alison and Justine sat with me for a while to help me watch the booth, and I also got to talk a lot with Rich (who had seemingly come back from the dead) and Elena.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera.  I didn’t know how long I would be at the booth by myself so I didn’t think I’d have time to get a lot of photos.  But you can see photos that other vendors had taken by clicking here.

I spoke with a lot of friendly sellers, too.   The girl beside me, Lisa of SleepyRobot13, gave me some great tips for gaining more exposure like submitting pics to other blogs and branching out to do different types of shows.  Another seller stressed the importance of creating a Facebook fan page, hence some of you may have received an invite for following my new Autumn’s Antics page once I set it up a few days later.  (Everyone else is welcome to fan my shop, by the way…)


Christmas with the family was wonderful.  Ryan and I spent about 5 days at my parents house eating lots of food and visiting with a lot of relatives and family friends.   We got to watch 24 hours of “A Christmas Story” as usual and did a little after-Christmas shopping on Saturday.  My sister even brought her 3 dogs over for an evening.

Basically, good times all weekend.


Since returning to Cleveland, Ryan and I have spent most of our time at home.

At first it was because we rearranged EVERYTHING in the apartment and had to spend days cleaning/sorting/organizing loads of junk.  We moved the bed into the living room, the couch into the dining room, and turned the bedroom into semi-soundproof music room for Ryan.  We consolidated most of my craft area to a corner of the dining room opposite the couch and tried to round up the remaining supplies to a few select locations around the house.

We took advantage of some sales and got lots of plastic storage containers, like wheely ones for under the bed and drawered ones for on my craft table.   While I assigned uses for these containers, Ryan worked on hanging up old towels and carpet remnants in the music room.

Though that room kind of looks like a bad Goodwill storefront, the rest of the house is spotless since we’ve seemingly found “homes” for most of our belongings.

Go team!

I even found some things that I forgot I had, like these kickin’ Chuck Taylor high tops that I customized in high school:

Not sure if they’ll fit anymore.  Maybe I’ll try selling them on eBay.


We never bothered to make any plans for New Year’s Eve, so we spent that at home, too.  Some of our pals were sick or busy and Ryan worked in the day so he ended up falling asleep early.  I uploaded some pics to Etsy and Facebook and watched a little of Dick Clark’s countdown.

Now we’re kind of stuck at home because of all the snow.  This is the slow season for Ryan’s work anyway, but the foot of snow outside isn’t helping much either.

It’s very pretty, though.  Maybe I’ll try to get some pictures.


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  1. Gramma says:

    Love those shoes

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