Day 65: Friday, December 18

It’s late and I need to sleep, but I wanted to slip in a quick update.

Basically, the Handmade Arcade was AWESOME!  I ran into a lot of fellow crafters that I recognized, and even saw some pals from high school.  The crowd was massive and didn’t begin to taper until about 5:30 PM.  Cleared a lot of the inventory that I had posted on Etsy.

I stayed at my folks’ house for a few days afterward to visit and help to get some Christmas stuff together.  We baked cookies, wrote out cards, and decorated the Christmas tree.  Did some shopping, too.

I got back to Cleveland on Tuesday and spent my time up to this point preparing for my next show, which is tomorrow (December 19).

It’s called the Last Minute Market and it runs from 10-6 in Lakewood.  You should totally come.


One Response to Day 65: Friday, December 18

  1. Gramma says:

    Let me know how succesful the Last Minute Market was
    good luck

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