Day 48: Tuesday, December 1

I spent most of the day Cricut-ing and papering, taking a brief-ish break to run to the post office and grocery store.

It’s kind of lame that we have to find a big blue mailbox in order to send a letter.

At our home, each of the four apartments gets a mail door.  You know, like the metal box within the wall that the mailman can open the top and divide the mail into the different compartments.  Which is cool, but then that leaves no reliable way to send outgoing mail.

At my old apartment, my landlord had a special arrangement with the mailman where we could leave letters in this basket at the bottom of the steps, but I never really trusted it so I would walk to the blue box on the corner anyway.  Not a big deal because it wasn’t far and I had to walk to class anyway.

Now, though, there aren’t any boxes within walking distance.  The post office is less than a mile away, but it’s tucked in this weird corner that isn’t on the way to anywhere.

It doesn’t make me love the United States Postal Service any less, but if the mailman is coming to my house anyway, why can’t he take my mail?  It wouldn’t make his bag any heavier.  And he wouldn’t mix it up with incoming mail because the addresses would be different.


Anyway, that’s my most profound thought of the day.


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