Day 47: Monday, November 30

I finally busted out my Cricut again.

It’s this machine that looks like a little printer, but cuts out shapes from paper.  There are different themed cartridges of designs to use like dinosaurs or camping.  Today I tried out the Christmas one.  I actually got it for Christmas last year so never used it before.

It’s cool because you can use any kind of paper in it like old books or newspapers.  Or you can use adhesive vinyl to make wall decals.

I use the paper shapes in conjunction with a sticker-making machine to make cards and gift tags and things.  Well, at least that’s the goal.

So far I have a bunch of random shapes all over the kitchen table.


I finally finished a project that I had been meaning to conquer for the past 2 years (according to Ryan).

He has this old pea coat with a ripped up pocket.  Anything he put in that pocket ended up in between the outer coat layer and the lining, so 86 cents and bank receipts have been floating around in his coat, making their way down one of the sleeves for years.

So I finally took care of it.

I had forgotten how much I like sewing.  It sounds lame, but it really can be a challenge, especially if you care about what you’re doing.

I had to figure out the order in which I was going to sew the lining so that I would be able to grasp the fabric properly.  And which angle to sew to best hide the stitches (especially since I had to use black thread for a navy coat).  And I needed to think about how to tuck in the outer wool piece so that no raw edges would show from the outside.

Pretty intense stuff.  Not brain surgery, but close.

That is, if the coat were a living object with pockets for brains.


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