Day 44: Friday, November 27

Today we received our first snow of the season!

So many people complain about winter and snow and cold, but you have to admit that the first snow is always a bit exciting.  It laid on the ground without being a hazard on the road — perfect!


There was nothing in particular that I really wanted/needed at the store, so I got a slow start on Black Friday shopping.  I suppose that I could have avoided it altogether, but I wanted to at least try to find some gifts.

I started at Michaels because I had a 25% off of everything coupon.  I ended up giving my coupons away because I didn’t see anything.

There were some pretty cheap Barbies and Hotwheels at WalMart, so I was thinking of grabbing some and going to the Fox News toy drive.  But by the time I was out and about, the deal was already over and the Wal Mart lot was impenetrable.   So I headed to Toys ‘R Us instead.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve really looked through a toy store, and today probably wasn’t the day to rediscover one — mobs of people flooded the aisles and all of the crates the the special deals were bare.  But still I found some modestly priced items that I ended up putting in the Toys for Tots donation box to save me the trip downtown to Fox.

I then made my way to Larchmere Road in Shaker Heights.  There are a lot of artsy boutiques and antique shops in this area that I had been meaning to explore, so finally did so today.  And as much as I don’t care for vandalism, I also saw this fun crosswalk sign here.

My next stop was the Bazaar Bizarre East show, also being held on Larchmere.

Basically, it’s a smaller version of the BazBiz craft show that’s happening on the West Side in about 2 weeks (I’ll be in Pittsburgh at the Handmade Arcade during that one)… I ran into a lot of other crafters from past shows and ended up having a really fun time talking with them and meeting new folks.  I’m surprised at how many other vendors remembered me.


Later in the evening, Ryan and I decorated our little Christmas tree.

Really it’s my tree with ornaments that my parents have helped me to collect since birth, but I found Ryan a cool shark ornament at the craft show so he wouldn’t feel left out:

I’m totally pumped for the holiday season!


One Response to Day 44: Friday, November 27

  1. Gramma says:

    You did a nice job on your tree, I am proud of you.What day is the craft show here in Pgh.? You take very good pictures, what kind of camera do you have? luv ya Gramma

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