Day 43: Thursday, November 26


Why is a turkey an important band member?

Because it always has the drumsticks!


Ryan and I weren’t able to make it to my parent’s house this year, so we made dinner ourselves at the apartment.  Here are the results:

Ryan made an awesome turkey, but was sad in image #3 because I kept making him stop so I could take pictures.

All in all, a good day.  Watched the Macy’s parade, looked through sales ad in the newspaper, and ate tasty food.


One Response to Day 43: Thursday, November 26

  1. Gramma says:

    Hi Autumn
    Took the time to see what you are up to, I like the picture you drew, making dinner seemed like fun, did you bake the pie? It was nice seeing the pictures of Ryan AND yes you were holding him back from eating.I will check your etsy site a little later I have to get my Avon sorted so the helpers can pick it up.

    luv ya

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