Day 42: Wednesday, November 25

I could spend hours in a book store — which is what I did today!

I’ve had an urge to go to Borders for a while now, though I wasn’t in search of anything in particular.

I always like looking at the science-y bargain books on dinosaurs or and/or anatomy.

And these are often lame and overpriced, but I also like looking at the “kit” books, too.  Like rock painting, ha.

Ooh! Or there are those niche full-color photography books from the guy who made a new skull design each day for a year, or the guy who gives cheesey poofs and other small inanimate objects paper clip arms & legs and makes little compositions from these little food people.

Or there was a book of “Would you rather” questions.   Like would you rather get your hand caught in a garbage disposal, or have your foot run over by a car?

Gives me hope that my dream of writing a book will someday become a reality.


I finally did find some creative motivation and spent the evening making jewelry.  Finished 3 necklaces that I’ll try and photograph and share soon.


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