Day 41: Tuesday, November 24

Man, I’ve been really dull the past few days…

Today I did house-holdy stuff like dishes and laundry and balancing my checkbook.

I need to get back to being creative/spectacular.

I have some craft shows coming up and need some more fresh items to take.  I want to particularly focus on making more necklaces and handmade cards, but have been kind of unmotivated lately.  My craft area is finally clearner than before, but I guess I’m at a loss for what to do first.

In one respect, I’d like to finish my handmade Christmas gifts so that they are done and out of the way.

On the other hand, my craft shows are earlier than that, so I need to make sure there’s variety in my display.  Though I do have enough stuff right now to just set up a booth, if I had to do it today.

On the third hand, if people are going to be shopping a lot this weekend after Thanksgiving, maybe I should try and make things to post in my Etsy shop.  ( I don’t sell cards on there, because I do a free shipping promotion.)

But I kind of feel like making cards and playing with paper right now.

I guess I have time to do all these things, so should just get started on something.

I’ll keep you posted.


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