Day 39: Sunday, November 22

Today was heavily grocery store-oriented.

Ryan has a membership to a wholesale club so he and I went there first.

Sometimes they’re not such a great deal, but I think we did pretty well this time.  Where else could we get a 36-roll pack of toilet paper? Or a 3-pack of shower curtains?  Or a 21-pack of razors?

They make fun of wholesale clubs on Family Guy.  I was trying to find a clip on YouTube of that episode, but basically, Lois is excited to buy a 3-pack of pianos.  She then wonders who would want a dozen watermelons, but then Gallagher walks by and puts a case of them in his cart.


I spent a lot of the afternoon in Giant Eagle to stock up on the groceries that we didn’t need in large quantities.  Wait, I don’t mean that I bough a whole lot of useless groceries, but rather, bought the stuff that we only need in smaller amounts.  Yeah.

Though we have 2 Giant Eagles within a mile or so of our house, I decided to traverse to the one that’s about 5 miles away because it’s larger and nicer.

They’re food isn’t expired when you buy it!

The drawback, though, is that it takes me a really really long time to make my way through the store.  Good exercise, I suppose, but I always get lost in a tear in the fabric of time.  Or something.

By this time, Ryan was at home talking music with a couple pals, so I had no one to keep my timing in check.  I think I spent at least 1-1.5 hours on the whole endeavor.


I must look like a nut case at the grocery store.

I sometimes talk to myself when I’m deep in thought, and can make hand “weighing out the consequences” hand gestures while rolling my eyes up at the ceiling and tilting my head from left-to-right when I’m comparing prices or products.

But at least I walk out of there with the best deals.


One Response to Day 39: Sunday, November 22

  1. Denise says:

    I’m the exact same way when it comes to grocery shopping. I’ll spend forever figuring out which product is the best value and which one is healthier. And then weighing whether I want to go with the better value or healthier option. haha Most people wouldn’t like shopping with me.

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