Day 36: Thursday, November 19

This makes sense, but since I’m home a lot more than before, I have been increasingly concerned with housekeeping.  Which is lame, but important.

So today I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and also made a quick trip to Pat Catan’s to escape the overwhelming smell of bleach…


I also have been spending more time online.  Actually, the morning news directed me to the video below.  They showed a brief clip, so I had to look up the rest.  It’s this Australian comedy band performing a medley of pop songs using the same four chords.

Now Ryan told me that not all of the songs they include were originally recorded with those chords, but it makes for good entertainment nonetheless.



2 Responses to Day 36: Thursday, November 19

  1. Gramma says:

    I rather enjoyed there music, different.

    luv ya

  2. Denise says:

    Have you also seen “Pachelbel’s Rant?” It basically follows the same concepts. When I first saw this video a few years back when I was in school, all of us music majors found it incredibly hilarious. Enjoy.

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