Day 34: Tuesday, November 17

I go through cycles of being nearly-obsessed with something, forgetting about it for a while, then coming back to it.  Which is normal, I think?

Right now it’s diet caffeine-free ginger ale.  Not in a hippie-vegan-anti-processed-foods sort of way.  But in a how-bad-can-it-hurt-me sort of way.

The diet part is because I know pop is bad, and I’m trying get my daily dose of sugar elsewhere.  The caffeine-free part is because Ryan really isn’t supposed to have a lot of it.  So I figured I’d join in. We already switched to half-caff coffee.

I’ve never been one to drink ginger ale outside of being sick, so it’s kind of a novelty.

Plus it was on sale at Marc’s, so I stocked up.  Think I’m set for a while.

Ginger ale always seems to fizz more than any other pop.  It gives me little specs on my glasses if I try to drink it in the first 5 minutes of pouring.


Speaking of cycles, I’ve been thinking a lot about the cyclic nature of life.  More specifically, of the man-made cycles that we follow regarding holidays and shopping seasons.

This isn’t really a new revelation so I won’t dwell on it, but it’s interesting how we’re so dependent on the annual occurrence of certain events. To give us something to look forward to.  A routine to keep us all in check.

How crazy would it be if everything happened only once?  I think we’d make up a lot more holidays and events to help fill the void.

Happy Salami Day!

Wait, apparently that’s already a holiday — September 7.

Well, I’ll be damned.


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