Day 32: Sunday, November 15

Today was about being with people and networking.

Ryan and I went to this dive for breakfast where the employees wear sweat pants and none of the furniture matches (in a bad way).  The food was pretty good for how cheap it was, but I’m not sure if we’re going back.

We did get a chance to talk about Thanksgiving.  We might be cooking dinner, so we were thinking of all the wonderful things we like to eat while I started a crude shopping list.  We weren’t ready to commit to anything big, but when we stopped by the store for milk on the way home we bought our first EGG NOG of the season.  Very tasty!

Ryan’s dad came over for a brief visit in the early afternoon, and after, I went to the By Hand Fine Arts and Crafts Show.

I ended up talking to quite a few vendors, which is a bit unusual for me.  I generally don’t like to be bothered when shopping, but I actually initiated conversation this time.

One gentleman and I had a conversation about recipes, inspired by the food show that was happening in the other half of the convention center.

I spoke with another woman about her business cards.  By their feel and format, I could tell that they were Moo cards.  Basically Moo is this printing company that started in the UK and just opened a US distributor.  Everyone on Etsy raves about their gorgeous high-quality cards (and unique mini cards).  Their pretty pricey so there are many debates on the Etsy site started by sellers who are on the fence about splurging for Moo cards.

Anyway, I complimented that vendor on her cards (and work) which sparked a little conversation.

A little later I found this neat vendor with very creative jewelry and found out that she’s from around Pittsburgh, too.  Both she and her sister were manning the booth, and they told me about the inspiration for various pieces and told me about an interesting book written by 50 Cent about being your own boss.  Might look into that further.

Later I went to dinner with some friends and their 6-month-old baby.  I actually held him this time, whereas I was afraid to do so when he was a newborn.  Now he’s squiggly and immediately pulled off my glasses.   Not sure how that would work if I had a kid.  I’d have to start wearing one of those extreme sports glasses straps to keep them on my face…


At home I found some new sites, which you should check out too:

1,000 Awesome Things


Cake Wrecks



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