Day 29: Thursday, November 12

I’m getting to be quite a chef by now.  Not that I intuitively know what kinds of foods and spices go together, but I am really good at following directions.

I tried making spaghetti with Bolognese sauce today and it wasn’t bad.  The noodles were a little wonky because they were done before the sauce and started clumping together even though I coated them in olive oil.  I think they were too thin, so next time I’ll use spirals or something.

I’m not sure if I really like cooking, but I like having had cooked a meal, if that makes sense.


For about the third or fourth time now I have received a packet from a veterans groups looking for donations.  They make you feel guilty by sending you free stuff, but really, I can’t donate to everyone.  So far I’ve gotten a calculator, a pen, a pocket calculator, holiday address labels, and… a nickel.

The gist of that literature is that a donation of “even a nickel” can do so much for the veterans.  So why not keep the nickel and just send me the letter?  Good thing I didn’t toss the unopened envelope into the shredder…


Earlier today I stopped by an estate sale, but it was kind of a bust.  I want to find some more before the weather declines, but I’m not sure if there are any good ones coming up.


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