Day 26: Monday, November 9

I spent most of the day at home, consolidating my stuff and loading it into the car.  I always end up leaving with way more than I came home with.

I never ended up back in my old bedroom, which will require many more hours of cleaning to look presentable.  At least it’s upstairs and out of the way.

Grandma came over and visited for a while, and I’m happy to say that she is a regular reader of this blog. (HI GRANDMA!!)

I left for Ohio around 4:15.  I don’t mind the drive back-and-forth, since only takes about 2.5 hours. There isn’t a lot to see between PA and OH, but I suppose that’s the case along any turnpike.  I try to find other ways to amuse myself by singing along to the radio or observing traffic patterns.

This time I developed an arch nemesis.  It was this blue Mazda that kept wanting to drive at the same speed as I did.  We kept taking turns going to the fast lane and passing each other.  Sometimes we’d move to the fast lane at the same time if we were approaching a slow-moving truck.  I don’t think any of this was intentional like a drag race or what-have-you, but it was amusing how we both had the same driving patterns.  Not too fast like those folks who weave around everyone and zip off into the sunset, but not wanting to be stuck behind a slow car.

Finally, I thought I lost him when I got off the turnpike.  I didn’t see him on the exit ramp, so I figured he went straight.  I continued on 480 toward my exit.  The speed limit is lower in parts than it is on the turnpike so I was watching myself.  When I got close to my exit, I didn’t mind being stuck behind a slower van so I stayed in the right lane.  Suddenly, three cars decide to zip by in the left lane, the last of which was a BLUE MAZDA!!

I literally laughed out loud and shook my fist in the air, like in a cartoon (“Skiiinnnner!).  It reminded me of the time I kept running into a Subaru with a soccer ball sticker.


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