Day 25: Sunday, November 8

Since my 25th birthday is coming up, Mom and I met with our insurance agent to work out my own official, grown-up life insurance policy, like real people do.

I know that I’m a full-on adult, but it doesn’t always feel that way.  So sometimes doing normal things amuses me.  Like buying meat at the deli “like real people do.”


Later, Mom and I went to see the Michael Jackson movie, and then out to dinner with Dad (he didn’t want to come along for the movie).

It was pretty cool to see how elaborate of a production Michael Jackson’s tour would have been.  Each song was turned into a theatrical performance with its own props, video production (shown on the screen behind the stage), set, costumes, etc.  There were trap doors in the stage with some sort of hydraulic platform that shot dancers up like toast and a huge “cherry picker” arm that held MJ out over the crowd.  During one song, the ramp on the stage opened up and a real backhoe was planned to drive out and loom behind Michael Jackson while he sang about the destruction of the rain forest.

At first I thought putting out the movie after MJ died was a tacky way to make some bucks, but really, it would have been a shame if all of the dancers and crew members who put all this time into the show didn’t get recognized for their efforts.  So in the end, I really enjoyed it.

Mom pointed out afterward, though, that there really wasn’t much time devoted to showing the costumes.  There was a brief segment in the costume studio where they just said that they were working with scientists and Swarovski to create cutting-edge (and sparkly) costumes, but they never really showed any finished products.  Too bad.


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