Day 24: Saturday, November 7


Mom and I packed up the van and drove down to this mountainous area near the PA-WVA-MD borders.  It was fun, but we ended up donating most of our items at the end of the day to this woman who helps pass them out to the needy.  It is a really poor area, so those folks could use some help.

On the way home, we stopped by this store called Pechins.  It’s supposed to be this supermarket with great bargains, but most prices aren’t that different from any other grocery store.  The last time I went there years ago, the store was down the street in this dilapidated warehouse-type building with a torn-up parking lot and puddles inside the store.  Now its in a proper grocery store building.

They used to sell hamburger at their cafeteria for like 19 cents each, so folks would go there to buy dozens of burgers to take home a freeze.  Now hamburgers are 69 cents, which still isn’t too bad.

In the evening my sister came over and we went shopping at the craft store.  We sang along to songs on the radio and caused a ruckus like the good old days.


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