Day 20: Tuesday, November 3

I spent most of today paranoid that I was missing the UPS man.

When I went to check the mail, I noticed a “missed delivery” sticker on our door.   Ryan was expecting a package, and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t hear the delivery driver.

According to the sticky note, he was going to try again around 11-2 or after 5PM.  After 3 missed attempts, you’d have to go pick it up at the UPS store (which isn’t really that close to here).  Ryan already had to do that for a FedEx delivery a couple of months ago…

So I was determined to catch the delivery this time.

I wrote a note that “I have been and will be here all day. Please knock loudly.” and taped it to our apartment door.

The front entrance has double doors, so I made sure the outer door was unlocked, and taped a note to our mailbox requesting that the UPS man ring the doorbell for apartment #1 or call my cell phone for entry.

We generally come in the back door because that is where we park, so I taped a note to that door for him to knock on our window (with a left-pointing arrow  <———- ) or call my cell for entry.

Then I did everything very quietly.

I listened to some music while I was cooking soup, but it was so faint that I could barely make it out.  Though the onions and steam were burning my eyes, I didn’t turn on the kitchen fan because it’s so loud.  Instead, I opened up the window in 30 degree weather.  We have steam heat, which sounds like you’re throwing a wrench down a gutter, so every time that came on, I’d run out into the hall and checked for the delivery driver.  We live off of a fairly busy street, so every time a truck passed I’d run to the window.

Ryan came home from work early.  Though he was anxious for the delivery as well, he would knock on the wall just to see me run to the door for him.  What a jerk.

Anyway, the UPS man did arrive, and of course in the time between 2-5 PM, which was not one of the times specified on the “missed delivery” note.  He was very nice, though, and he appreciated the note at the front door because an apartment number was not noted on the address label.



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