Day 15: Thursday, October 29

So staying up late finally caught up with me today.

The past few nights, I’ve gone to bed after 1:30 AM and have been waking up at 7:30 AM.  This morning I got up at 7:30 as well, but after Ryan left for work I fell asleep on the living room floor for another few hours.

(I often sit on the floor and work on my laptop, which sits on the coffee table.  So I guess I just leaned over at some point and passed out?)

One of my dreams incorporated dialogue from the Bonnie Hunt show, which comes on at 11.  I think Michael Jackson’s sister was on.

In the afternoon, I finally experimented with drilling stones.  You have to keep the stone submersed in water, and drill in short spurts so it doesn’t overheat.

Luckily I didn’t get electrocuted.  At least I use a flex shaft, so I hung the motor up away from the pan of water and covered up the table and foot pedal with towels.

All other casualties were kept to a minimum as well.  A couple of stones broke because they were thin, but not because I messed up the drilling.

After a couple of hours of piercing whirs, I decided to stop before the neighbors knocked down the door with their torches and pitchforks.

Spent the rest of the night making jewelry and listening to some  Halloween episodes of shows on TV.  Can’t wait ’til Saturday!


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