Day 12: Monday, October 26

This morning I applied for a few jobs I found online and cleared up some things with Unemployment.   I think I’ve met all of the qualifications, now, so should be rolling in the dough any day now… ha ha.

Ryan got home from work pretty early, so we went grocery shopping together.  It’s always nice for me to go to the store with a buddy because otherwise I can get lost for hours in there.  Comparing prices, choosing the best cracker…

We met a really nice lady in the the spice section who directed us to the most economical brand (which by the way, was Giant Eagle’s Market District).  She overheard us talking about cumin that retails at about $5 per like 0.025 ounces and showed us the other jars.  Also pointed out the cayenne pepper for us.

She told us that she was just looking around for some new things to try.  I like running into people like that.  Doesn’t happen too often in Cleveland.

HummusWhy the exotic spices, you ask?

Well, I found this recipe online for hummus and wanted to try it out.  Forgot to buy sesame tahini, though.

So I substituted sesame oil for the tahini and olive oil and that part seemed to work.  Kind of lemony, but worth trying again.

Meanwhile, Ryan made a pretty excellent tuna salad.

In the evening, I went out with some old work pals to talk about the good old days.  A couple of them lost their jobs, too, so we had a mini support group.  With beer.  Great good fun.

Finished off the evening by watching the new Dexter.


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