Day 11: Sunday, October 25

Ryan and I had a little Daylight Savings scare this morning.  When we woke up, his computer said 7AM, while our kitchen clocks said 8AM.  Our phones also said 8AM, but I figured that we needed to turn them off then back on to reset them.  That didn’t help, so we looked up Daylight Savings, and apparently it’s next weekend.

I nearly filed a complaint with my mom, too.  She generally keeps me up-to-date on these types of events, and I hadn’t heard a thing about it.


Pancake SpiralAnyway, I find that it’s important to celebrate ethnic diversity in my breakfast foods.  Behold, my multicultural pancakes!

Okay, so it’s not intentional — I just can’t keep the heat and timing consistent.  At least the taste isn’t affected.  For most of them.

After breakfast, I touched up some of the paint on the black furniture and worked on our Halloween costumes.  You’ll have to wait until next weekend to see the final results on our costume choices.

On a somber note, Sunday evening cartoons were canceled tonight due to some baseball thing.  So I did some online searches for jobs and reviewed my unemployment paperwork.  Though they will be helping me in my time of need, the unemployment organization itself needs a little work.  In a letter I was directed to call in to sign up for some job search site, but on the phone I was directed to their website, but then their web site wouldn’t load.  Egads.  Once I get through this bout of unemployment I’m hoping to not have to do it again.


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