Day 9: Friday, October 23

Slept in today (until about 8:30), and bummed around the house in the morning.  It’s amazing how the meaning of the phrase “sleep in” changes over time…

I gave Ryan a pretty dapper haircut, but I always freak him out when I make comments like, “I can’t find my guide” or “Oh well, no one will notice” while I’m in the process of cutting.  He was pleased, though, when it was all said-and-done.

It’s been dark and rainy all day, so I was in no hurry to go outside.  Our only commitment for the day was that Ryan had a check-up at the doctors office at 3:15 PM (he’s okay).

Before then, we stopped by the hardware store so I could get some black paint for my garage sale furniture (see prior posts).

We also checked out one of those temporary Halloween stores for costume ideas.  We were invited to a party next weekend and need to out-do last year by actually wearing costumes this time…

Halloween is just about my favorite holiday of all time, but I can never seem to think of a creative costume.  It’s like how in Dogma Salma Hayak played a muse who inspired all of the top-grossing movies of all time, but couldn’t think of anything to write for herself.  You know, that fictional character in a made-up movie who has the same problems that I have.

Anyway, we were considering working together on costumes.  One thought was to be Bunsen and Beaker because I’m short and round, while Ryan’s tall — and speaks incoherently?

Or, Bert and Ernie because I’m short and round while Ryan’s tall.

Or, Mario and Luigi because I’m short and round (and 1/4 Italian!) and Ryan’s — well, you see where I’m going with this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I am thinking about being the Progressive girl because I think she’s cute and I do like having insurance.  Ryan may end up just being a girl.


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