Day 8: Thursday, October 22

I spent the first half of the day at garage/estate sales.  I know I have a problem…

Really, though, I figure that I should potentially stock up on supplies now before the sales cease due to the weather.

See, I have a plan.


I overheard some interesting dialogue between some fellow shoppers.  Basically they were all senior citizens who had arrived separately, but know each other based on what other sales they had attended.  They all sounded like antique dealers, and talked about how so-and-so can’t go to sales on the West Side because they had “made too many enemies,” or how all of the antique toys at this one person’s estate sale couldn’t have all belonged to the original owner of the house, or how the people running this sale were “eBay people” (said in a less-than-friendly tone).

Man, I didn’t realize antiquing was so cutthroat.   I was just looking for some pretty junk jewelry that I could tear apart.

Oh, and in an attempt to haggle (because I thought that was supposed to be a given at garage sales), I brought a handful of jewelry to the woman running the second sale and asked what I could get for fifteen dollars (knowing my total for everything was supposed to be a little more than that).  She then went on to count out my items until she reached fifteen dollars exactly and told me that she “doesn’t dick around with amounts under twenty dollars on the first day of a sale.”

Geeze louise, I was just trying to fit in…


At home I spent a lot of time cutting out some new metal pieces and organizing my craft space.  You could even say that I was “working in my studio” — that is, if sitting on the living room floor counts as spending time in a “studio.”

Tomorrow Ryan has the day off of work.  I’m not sure what his plans are, but if he wants to frolic off and do his own thing I may try sanding/painting that furniture I bought last week.

Or, I saw some tuturials on YouTube for drilling holes through stones, so may attempt to do that with the beach glass I collected yesterday.  You’re supposed to keep the stones and drill bit wet so that they don’t overheat and cause the stone to break from friction.  So if I don’t post tomorrow, you’ll know that I got electrocuted from getting water on my flex shaft.


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