Day 7: Wednesday, October 21

Today was LAKE DAY!

The weather was so nice that I combed around for beach glass, which was more difficult to locate than I had predicted.  Beach rocks were plentiful, along with beach tampons and beach slime, but  decent chunks of glass were hard to come by.

Still, I discovered that I am a pretty good sifter and should consider a career as a gold panner…

Here’s where I entered the beach:



Here are some seagulls mourning the loss of their fallen brethren (see below):



Here is the bounty of the harvest (at least most of it):


I took some other pictures of deer tracks and a sign warning against relieving yourself in the lake while swimming, but in the interest of space I’ll have to leave them out of the blog for now.  But feel free to join me in a slide show if ever you feel so inclined.

Since I was on the other side of town, I also looked up some consignment shops and bead shops in the area and spent the afternoon exploring.  I found one really neat antique store that sells a lot of costume jewelry at a decent price, so I took a card and made a mental note to stop back.

I also took care of my emissions check so that I can renew my car registration.  Who would of thought that so many people would be at the e-check place in the middle of the day on a Wednesday.  Don’t these people have jobs??


Once I got back in my neck of the woods, I did a little grocery shopping, and Ryan and I watched the newest episode of Dexter.  It’s this great show where the main character (Dexter) is a blood analyst for the police but does his own secret killings on the side to bring uncharged murderers to justice.

Trust me, it makes more sense once you watch it.


One Response to Day 7: Wednesday, October 21

  1. […] other news, I spray painted some clear coat on my furniture outside, washed my beach rocks from LAKE DAY, and worked on some new jewelry pieces.  I’m hoping to list some new items in my Etsy shop […]

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