Day 6: Tuesday, October 20

I’ve been trying not to think about work, but I can’t help it.  Like when you end a relationship and you want find out what that person is up to now.  It’s not that you care about that person anymore, but you’re just curious.  Like you want to drive past their house, but don’t ’cause that would be creepy.  And possibly illegal.


I keep wondering if any of my regular customers miss working with me.   I know that this part’s extreme, but it would be kind of cool if one of them Googled my name in hopes of relocating me.

Have you ever Googled yourself?  For me, it shows that I was a National Merit Scholar Commended student in high school, and that I wrote some concert reviews for the WRUW website.  Also shows my Etsy and Twitter pages.  Not bad.

I feel bad that I have nothing tangible to show you today.  I suppose that I could have taken pictures of the 100 gallons of laundry that I conquered, or of the meatloaf I made, but that stuff is boring.

I did register for a job fair in early November.  The last one held in a hotel conference center, though, had such a large turnout that like a third of the people didn’t even make it in.  We’ll see.

In the evening I started cutting some shapes out of sheet aluminum and copper that I had laying around to use in necklaces.  Those projects are top secret until they are complete.

Man, it’s only 10pm and I’m already tired.  Probably going to put on a show and go to bed.  Though I’m out of work, I’ve still been getting up with Ryan at 7-7:30 am each day.  At least it keeps me from being tempted to sleep in.  Good night!


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