Day 5: Monday, October 19

Okay, so today is when I really began this blog. ( I kind of fudged the publish dates of the previous posts..)

I actually had the urge to start a blog on day one, but it took me a little time to look for hosts and create my header.  Plus, it’s easier to spread the word about a blog that actually has some content.

(If you consider this to be content.)

So that consumed a lot of my day today.  I also looked up some source images for some jewelry pieces that I plan to start soon, and looked up/applied for some jobs online.

Oh! And check out this site called Regretsy — it’s a collection of crafts that have gone very wrong. Found out about it from another Autumn.

Later, Ryan and I grabbed some food and went to Best Buy.


I can’t believe how quickly the day passed.  I guess that’s what happens when you keep yourself busy.


One Response to Day 5: Monday, October 19

  1. Richard Stroffolino says:

    Hey Autumn, I just logged into myspace for the first time in a while and saw the message about your blog! I’m catching up from the beginning. Its funny, I just heard about Regretsy yesterday on a podcast and was just about to check it out. Sorry to hear about your employment situation. But yay for blogging

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