Day 4: Sunday, October 18

Ryan was having some friends/acquaintances over today to do music stuff, so my mission was basically to get lost…

Not that I can’t stay in my own home, but our apartment is so tiny that it was more for my benefit to try and find an outside activity.  Not a big deal for me.

I made my way to Painesville, a town that’s about forty minutes away, toward Lake Erie.  They have a flea market at the fair grounds, but it was pretty much a disappointment.  Not many vendors and a lot of mass-produced or otherwise undesirable stuff.

Maybe I missed the concept of flea markets, but this is the second one where any cool random antique stuff was outnumbered by cheap Chinese trinkets or fake Native American hide paintings or reproduced dvds/videos.

Fortunately the trip wasn’t a total waste since I looked up some other stores in advance.

I spent a lot of time at the Craft & Antique Co-Op, which is a neat place because you gather all of the items you want from different booths and pay for it all at the front register.  There’s no room for haggling, but I’m not good at that anyway.  Just about every single booth was reasonably priced and had a wonderful mix of furniture, old books, random kitchen tools, jewelry, decorations, etc.  It’s also very easy to become a vendor since you don’t have to watch your booth all the time and only need to work one day per month.

Might look further into selling there.Balloon Turtle 1

I then made my way to Mentor to check out this World Market that was liquidating all of their store fixtures.  Found some neat items, but nothing as interesting as my recent acquisitions so I passed.  In the same plaza there was a Michael’s and JoAnn’s, so of course I stopped in.

Also went into a Petland to visit the animals.  You may notice a trend here… We had to put my cat to sleep earlier this summer and really don’t have room for another pet, so I love visiting critters at the pet store.  There must have been a sale or something because that was the busiest pet store I’ve seen, and they actually keep a decent number of puppies in the store.

The best part, though, was a giant turtle (tortoise) that was just meandering around the store with a bunch of balloons tied around its waist (if turtles have waists).   If you can see in the picture, his name is Pokey, and he likes to scare old ladies half to death by creeping up on them…

Balloon Turtle 2For some reason I’ve been dying to go to the lake.  I think because it’s like a pretend  mini ocean and I like to pick up random pieces of drift wood.  I’ve also seen some neat jewelry made from sea glass (even from Lake Erie) and maybe have hopes of finding some tidbits myself.

So I drove along the edge of the lake trying to find a public space where I could park and walk around, but I must have missed it or something.  I’m not from around here, so don’t know all the tricks — but I was pretty sure that I couldn’t just park in someone’s driveway.

At home I did watch some TV because it’s cartoon night on Fox.


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