Day 3: Saturday, October 17

I’m not quite sure if weekends count.  I mean, if I were employed, my weekends would be free anyway.

In the spirit of keeping myself occupied, however, I will treat them as any other day.

This day started off with a headache so I was slow-moving in the morning.  I’m really trying to avoid being a bum and watching TV, but I couldn’t get myself motivated to do much else.  At least I learned where avocados come from, and how to make turn an ordinary wooden tray table into a festive silver/neon green/pink glitter/polka dot room accessory.  Which is an important life skill.

I felt better after a hot shower, and made my way out to the post office to mail out a necklace to an Etsy customer.  Hope she likes it.Jewelry Rack

Still on the estate sale kick, I found one nearby that had a lot of costume jewelry.  It was hanging from this neat rack, which I was told is meant to hold thread (or was it yarn?) for embroidery (or knitting?)  You can tell that I understood exactly what she was talking about..

Anyway, she let me have it for two dollars, which brings my total up to only $6 for the display items I bought in the last couple of days.

At home, I made some (real) chicken noodle soup and homemade chocolate chip cookies.    I’m no expert at cooking, so that endeavor took up pretty much my entire evening.  Not looking forward to dishes tomorrow.


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