Day 2: Friday, October 16

I make a lot of jewelry using pieces of broken vintage brooches, earrings, etc.  You can see some examples on my Etsy page:

So one of my first major goals is to find some new sources of material to incorporate into my work.  Today I sought out some garage sales/estates sales/thrift stores and actually came across some items that I can use to display my work.

Tiny StoolThe tiny stool will be good for elevating some pieces at a craft show, and should look a lot better than my traditional Avon-box-hastily-covered-in-wrinkled-fabric approach.  I may paint it black or a solid bright color.

The upholstered bench will be useful for containing smaller parts like buttons or cards in a craft show.  I was thinking of re-upholstering the lid, but now I’m thinking of removing the padding to see what kind of flat board is inside.  I could collage some pictures on it, or may just discard the lid altogether.  Also thinking about painting this black or a bright color.

During my travels, I found myself near the West Side Market, so decided to stop in.  If you’re not familiar with Cleveland, the West Side Market is basically a really neat place to shop for fresh meat, dairy and produce.  Vendors have permanent booths there and sell (I think) Wednesday through Saturday of each week.  Never went on a Friday before, and it was refreshingly less crowded than usual.Upholstered Bench

Afterward, I went home and took care of some home-y things like trash, laundry, and dinner.  Which was kind of cool because my shift at work ended at 7 PM, and I rarely made actual dinner on week nights because Ryan would eat hours before I got in.

I wrapped up the night by reading a book called “Ignore Everything: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity” by Hugh MacLeod.   I actually bought it for Ryan as a birthday present (which was on October 14), but he was cool with my previewing it first.

Now, I’m not normally a “book a night” kind of person, however, this one has brief chapters and plenty of pictures.  The author is a copywriter by day, but launched a side career as a cartoonist.  His schtick is doodling on the back of business cards and he shares some of his thoughts on finding your own special medium and style.  I’d recommend it.   Gave me some ideas..


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