Day 1: Thursday, October 15

So here’s when I find out that I’ve lost my job.  I kept my composure fairly well while still at work, but pretty much lost it once I got home and immediately called my parents and boyfriend, Ryan.

I wasn’t worried about the money situation.  I was thinking more like, “OH MY GOD I’M AN OVERWHELMING FAILURE.”

Once I got over the initial shock, though, I started thinking about this time off as an opportunity (see  “Disclaimer” above).

I’m naturally optimistic, but I am still surprised at how quickly my mindset shifted toward coming up with my new plans.

On this first day of unemployment, here’s what I accomplished:

-Signed up for unemployment benefits online.

-Went to the tiny “downtown” area of Bedford, Ohio, and explored some of the shops that I’ve always noticed, but never entered.  I got a coffee at a cute family-owned cafe and went into this thrift store that smelt of old people.   Also stopped by a taxidermy shop to “visit the animals,” which I think confused the shop owner.  I apologized for not having a real need for his services.

-Drove around for some time and ended up at a pet shop where I visited the adoptable cats.

-Came home and created a color-coded flow chart of my major goals and ways in which I can achieve them.

-Drew out some ideas for jewelry that I want to create.

-Went to WalMart for some CFL bulbs and page protectors.

-Started a binder of magazine cutouts that I’ve been saving for inspiration.

Not too bad for a first day, I think..


One Response to Day 1: Thursday, October 15

  1. Gramma says:

    I find your life very interesting, did you adopt a cat? I like the fact that I know what my Granddaughter is doing on a daily basis. miss you,luv you

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